• Digital Equity - Virtually every high income household in Cambridge has broadband.  Only 50% of low income households have broadband.
  • Monopoly - Most people are limited to one option for broadband.
  • Expensive - A Harvard study has shown that municipal broadband is less expensive than commercial broadband and that municipal pricing is straightforward and easy to understand (no teaser pricing and confusing bundles).
  • Customer Service - Comcast is consistently rated WORST in the entire country.  Consumer Reports has found that some of the most loved ISPs are municipal systems.
  • Privacy - Commercial ISPs want to sell your browsing data.  A municipal system won’t.
  • Transit - Cambridge has a transit crisis--municipal internet will make remote work more effective.
  • Image - The current infrastructure is not representative of our high tech, world class city.  


  • City-owned network - like water and street lights
  • Access - available to everyone, regardless of ability to pay
  • Just an ISP - private companies still provide services like Netflix and HBO
  • Fast - fiber to the home is much faster than Comcast will ever be
  • Privacy - the city won’t sell your data
  • Net Neutrality - city won’t slow down Netflix or other services
  • Local Control - No anti-consumer practices, data caps, mandatory bundles, or rate hikes


  • Gigabit fiber to every home in Cambridge
  • About the price of a new school in Cambridge
  • Look to benchmark cities for guidance (there are over 100 communities that already have municipal fiber)
  • Endorse - say “I support municipal fiber for internet access as a public utility”
  • Leadership - advocate for municipal broadband
  • Participate - join the conversation in our Google group