Fast. Reliable. Affordable.

For two years, the City of Cambridge has neglected the recommendations of the City’s own Broadband Task Force: To move forward with a feasibility study on city-wide municipal broadband. It’s time to move the city forward in building an internet which is fast, reliable, and affordable for all residents.



In 2014, Cambridge identified the internet service in the city as a crucial issue facing its residents. With Comcast as the only option for most residents, the service available is expensive, unreliable, and slow. We believe that Cambridge can do better with a municipal broadband network.


Sign the petition!

We need your support! Sign the petition today to tell the city manager to move forward.


We’re asking all Cambridge residents to sign a petition, calling on the City Manager, Louis A. DePasquale, to move forward with the recommendations of the Broadband Task force released more than two years ago.



Join Upgrade Cambridge as we work to move the city forward in creating a better internet for all via municipal broadband.

We need help reaching residents of Cambridge with our petition, talking to organizations about moving forward, and more!